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Life has not been a smooth ride for me because like all other people I too have had some debilitating experiences but I am happy to note that my worst experiences have often lead me to my greatest achievements in life. I never stopped steering my vessel of life in the right direction. Very early in life I was told by my ancestors that the greatest achievement for any human being was to love God, adore yourself and like others. These became the secret of my progress and success. I took hard work as my weapon so I found that gradually success followed me as my slave.

Expecting a little more from life always pays us when it comes to success and progress because I believed that high achievement always takes place in the framework of higher expectation. This notion then leads us to the maxim that the best achievement in life is doing something that you think you cannot do. The opposite of this is the real risk of doing nothing. I am told that many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working rather than resting and rusting to do nothing.

Two lessons stand out among the many worthy lessons that my father gave me while I was growing up on our farm. The first was when he told me that in order to achieve success in life I should be sweet as honey; be regular as a clock; be as fresh as a newly bloomed rose; be soft as cotton wool and when the time comes be as strong as a rock. The second was even more appropriate to the topic under discussion. He said you would never be able to achieve much in life if you did not respect the old when you are young; help the weak when you are strong; and confess your fault when you are wrong because one day in life you would be old, weak and wrong.

As a pre-requisite to all my achievements and success I learned to laugh often, to win the respect of intelligent people as well as the affection of children I was teaching. I had some very honest critics in my life and I appreciated their remarks and reviews which guided me to endure the betrayal of false friends. My mother and grandmother taught me to appreciate beauty in everything and to find the best in others. These were my firm steps to a variety of my achievements. I am indebted to my only brother who wanted me to leave the world a bit better if I wanted to achieve something worthy and live a happy life. So my entire social structure was geared to achieving new and great things from my early childhood. I had to live and let others live a fruitful life. That gave me a lot of personal satisfaction.

   Achievement of my happiness and personal satisfaction gradually became one of the most vital moral purposes as well as the proof of my moral integrity. I became loyal to achieving a variety of social, cultural and economic values with greater determination, ease and understanding. I was determined to better my status come what may. Then success kept coming and I began achieving by developing my strengths but not bothering to eliminate my obvious weaknesses. Elimination of my weaknesses I was told would have been a futile exercise and would have hindered my progress and movement to being an achiever.

I never took my achievements as my success measure but my achievements were ready to roll slowly because of my honest endeavour, persistent effort to do nothing but the best possible at all times under any and all circumstances. Sooner or later I realized that my life had many ways of testing my will power either by having nothing happen at all at times or by having everything happen all at once. I had to quickly learn to strike a balance between these two extremes. When nothing was happening I learnt to charge my battery or have some fun in life and when everything was happening all at once I learnt to be discreet and selective in order to prioritize all the events.

I was fortunate to be placed in some of the best educational institutions with quality teachers and intelligent colleagues. While interacting with them I gathered that if I did not go after what I wanted, I would never have it. Conversely, if I did not ask I knew that the answer would always be in the negative. So I quickly learnt to step forward because I chose not to be in the same place all the time. I always felt that there was some force that was commanding me to advance.














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